Mirto F. Murray

Mirto F. Murray

  • Business law
  • Banking and Financial law
  • Criminal law

Mirto studied Dutch Law (University of Amsterdam) and started practicing law as an attorney at law in 1996 in the (former) Netherlands Antilles. He differentiates himself from others by creative thinking ‘outside of the box’ within the legal boundaries.

At the age of 33 he became the youngest ever President of the Bar Association in Curaçao a position he held from 2001 to 2005. He initiated and was the main editor of the authoritative “The Parliamentary History of the (new) Civil Code of the Netherlands Antilles” and is also the Editor in Chief of the prestigious law journal Caribisch Juristenblad [formerly: Tijdschrift voor Antilliaans Recht TAR-Justicia]. Together with friend and colleague K. Frielink Mirto published ‘Twee Curacaose Meesters’. Mirto regularly publishes legal articles and legal notes in several Law Journals and magazines.

Extra curricular
Mirto is an avid reader who even in his youngest years read everything that contained words, like list of ingredients on canned goods to warnings on cleaning products and even dictionaries. This later aided him enormously with the reading of legal works and keeping up to date with the jurisprudence. Reading is still one of his hobby’s and apart from the mandatory legal literature Mirto can often be found engaged with up to four books at the same time.


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