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The Parliamentary History of the Curacao Civil Code

The Parliamentary History of the Curacao Civil Code


It is with great pride and filled with contentment that we unveil the second edition of ‘The Parliamentary History of the Curaçao Civil Code’. This book contains the entire parliamentary history of the Curaçao Civil Code, collected and chronicled by Mr Mirto F. Murray, a founding partner of SMS Attorneys at Law. 

This book is indispensable for everyone who wants to scrutinize the Curaçao Civil Code and delve into its practice. Therefore it is characterized as being of fundamental value for the judiciary, corporate and government lawyers, academics, notaries and law students.

SMS Attorneys at Law applauds and congratulates Mr Mirto Murray for his time and effort invested in the realization of this book. Adjacent to the aforesaid, we give thanks to everyone who in one way or another has contributed to its publication. 

The only way to understand anything about the law is to observe its beginning and assimilate its development. By rewriting history, he is marking his story!